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Silent Source:
Out-of-this-world performance--Down-to-earth prices
  • More low-level, musical detail
  • Neutrality in all systems
  • Rugged construction
  • Mechanically damped
  • High flexibility
  • Cryogenically treated (Signature version)

Ever felt like (Au)Dio-genes, forever in search of an honest cable? Well, Frank Dickens, designer of Silent Source audio cables will give you the straight (-wire) story, without gain... Dickens, a former designer for military radar applications, specializing in shielding and grounding, will not hype the latest buzzword-features of his cables. He will tell you he has only two priorities: "...make the cable quiet and get the timing right. Everything else will take care of itself..." Rather than talking about skin-effects and radical winding geometries, he prefers to stick to concentrating on the "mundane" mechanical details so often overlooked by the extremely high-end and high-priced wires with their lights, liquids and batteries... That is, he takes obsessive care to assure that his cables are, first and foremost, mechanically sound, making sure they are dampened from end to end, without any skinny pigtail constructions to give away all that was gained by the center of the cable. Contacts are solid, employing state-of-the-art connectors that he specially manufactures out of the finest materials of OFC copper and Rhodium. Yet, in achieving this mechanical stability, he does not produce a cable as thick as your forearm and even less pliable. Silent Source cables are some of the most flexible true high-end cables available.

And then there is performance. Selected by Jonathan Valin for his all-out performance system in The Absolute Sound magazine, the Silent Source power cables have already gained recognition throughout the circles of the audio world that place absolute performance and musicality above the highest-price-tag yardstick for audio quality with which so many have measured the tails after which they have chased in endless circles of audiophliac discontentment. Silent Source Signature interconnects and speaker cables will soon gain similar recognition. What you will hear as you introduce each new Silent Source cable into your system will amaze you. By lowering the noise floor, you will begin to hear more musical detail than you thought your system capable of producing. Timbres and tones will be more natural and uncolored. More importantly, you will know that, unlike other "tone-control" types of cables, Silent Source cables will sound consistently the same in your system when you introduce a new component. So, you will not need to start that cable-to-system-matching madness all over again.

See what reviewers are saying:

Silent Source Signature Power Cord Review from EnjoyTheMusic.com June 2003 by Bill Gaw:

“First, these are the most flexible and lightest high end cords that I have ever had…They have a black braid mesh that allows a silver braid shield to partially show through, which really makes them quite attractive…I am getting the most liquid, dead quiet soundstage from my system. I could live with this sound forever…Price-wise, the Silent Source is the best value available…”

Silent Source Signature Power Cord Review from The Stereo Times July 2003 by Keith Forrest:

"The key word here is natural. The background these cords present is black… This black background enables the cords to better convey both the attack and decay of musical instruments within the soundstage…The midrange of these cords is remarkably detailed and transparent…The bass…is well controlled…Their treble seems to be very clean and extended…

…such an undistorted and coherent musical presentation that I get a warm feeling in the depths of my soul just listening to them in my system. These cords present music without impacting it either way, and I love it!…

They are reference power cords at less than half the retail price of many so-called reference power cords…the Silent Source cords can make a bigger sonic difference/improvement in your system than spending obscene amounts of money to get more state-of-the-artcomponents…One must hear this to believe it.”

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