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Walking through the streets of Vicenza, Italy, the home of Viva Audio, you can immediately hear a differnce in the way this northern italian city sounds. Voices a block away are clear as though they were right next to you, yet, when a car passes, its sound is not deafening, or even exaggerated by the usual reflections off nearby buildings. The acoustic of this town makes you listen more carefully, because delicate nuances in sounds are audible to which you would normally never pay attention...
Growing up in such an atmosphere, it is no wonder that Viva Audio's designer, Amedeo Schembri, has an ear for sound and music like few others. He develops his designs with a single-minded desire to reproduce the sound (all the sound) of live music as faithfully as possible. To that end, he combines an uncanny sense of the art in music with the science of all that electronic technology has been able to develop over the past hundred years. Schembri's uncomprimising approach to circuit design constantly exhibits his brilliant originality and ability to find elegant and extremely simple solutions to the complex engineering problems posed by high-end audio design. Also however, not prejudiced towards either old or new design technologies, Schembri blends the best elements of both to arrive at a sound that has the linearity of the most modern designs, yet with the realistic warmth and palpability so often praised in the greatest tube designs from the past. The result: music. Music like you remember hearing at that concert you went to last month. Music that can make you laugh, make you cry, and raise those inexplicable goosebumps... Viva... It lives. It is music.


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